Pediatric Dental Associates (PDA) is a pediatric dental practice in New Jersey that caters to local families with children.


The Problem

PDA is a well-established practice and was challenged by slow growth in patients and revenue. The practice has five dentists and orthodontists on its staff and they were looking to grow their new patient intake. Their lead dentist reached out to Solutions for Growth to grow their patient load.

What We Did

Solutions for Growth analyzed the current marketing assets and activities of PDA and made several suggestions.

The initial step was the creation of a new website with a contemporary look and an easier and more intuitive navigation to its interior pages. As the practice’s main marketing tool, it was crucial to impress on the market the professionalism of the dentists and the practice.

Following the launch of the new website, an email newsletter program was put into place. The goal of the emails was to stay in touch with parents to share information related to their children’s oral health and hygiene. This ensured that PDA was top-of-mind of its market and presented itself as caring for its patients and as experts in their field. The overall goal was to increase credibility and long-term retention of patients.

Over time, Solutions for Growth introduced a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization program designed to rank PDA on page one of Google’s organic search listings. First, a dozen keywords were selected and as rankings were improved with those, more were added. PDA now has 54 keywords under Solutions for Growth’s management and of those, 53 are on page 1 of Google, and most sit in the top three positions at the top of page one.

Facebook advertising was then activated to reach a target market of mothers with young children within a radius of the practice’s two offices. The campaign offered a free dental exam and the advertising is an ongoing program that regularly delivers new patients to PDA.

An online review generation program is also in place and that drives consistent four and five star reviews on Google and Facebook, allowing PDA to stand apart from the competition..

The Result

PDA continues to grow its practice by seeing a consistent flow of new patients and a strong retention of current patients. The practice has seen an average annual growth of 15% since they started working with Solutions for Growth.

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“We’ve been using Solutions for Growth for a few years and it’s working wonderfully. They are professional and really care about the work they do for us. I strongly recommend them!”

Dr. Cynthia Pattison, Pediatric Dental Associates”