It may seem like bringing your email marketing program in-house is a nice way to trim some fat from your marketing budget. You’ve likely got a staff member who could, seemingly, do a good enough job to save you a little coin by forgoing a professional service provider.

What many do not know, however, is the nuance involved in creating and executing a successful email marketing campaign.

Creating a Professional Email Marketing Program

There are many rules-of-thumb and best practices that differentiate email marketing that is ho-hum, from email marketing that is truly effective.
By working with an?award-winning agency with 10-years experience in email marketing, your marketing gets your phone to ring, your email to ding and your website or store visited.

Why Should I Use a Professional Email Marketing Team?

Most anyone can check email addresses, type out an email, and click send.?Email marketing is far more than that these days, though. To run a successful email campaign, you must know how to segment an email list, A/B test different emails and content, and stay rigidly true to your brand standards.
Many small businesses opt to place this responsibility into the hands of an intern or associate, or the business owner does it themselves. This overlooks the significant impact that a well-executed email plan can have on your bottom line.
Among the most important factors when dealing with the development of an email marketing program is creating a program that looks professional, matches your branding, is consistent and deliverable.
In-house staff likely won’t know what to do when certain issues arise within the email system. For example, many email servers look for specific elements of emails to detect SPAM. Professional organizations like?Solutions for Growth?recognize and prevent these issues.
1 - Timeliness
We create a schedule for your email program, ensuring your emails go out on time. Our team will build an email template based on your branding and deliver on a schedule that makes sense for your business and industry.
2 - Optimization
Everything in an email, from the way the copy is written, the ways photos are placed, and even the location of the call to action, are crucial to convert prospects to customers.

3 - Deliverability
What is an email program with undeliverable email? Our team uses email marketing best practices to make sure your emails are delivered effectively. Items like font types, large images, and text-to-image ratio are all crucial in deliverability and may be beyond the scope of what your in-house managers can handle.

Hiring an email marketing team to tackle things like email marketing can provide the following:

  • Consistent delivery of emails
  • Closely monitored budget allows you to focus better on your core business functions
  • Consistency in improving reader experience while also contributing to your overall organizational marketing objectives

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