The past few months have been a challenge, and many of our clients have had to adapt. We thought that you would want to get a glimpse into what other small businesses are doing to reflect the new reality.

Examples of How Solutions for Growth Clients?Adapted to the “New Normal”

The disruption caused by Covid-19 is indiscriminate and impacts every business, large or small, some in positive ways and for some, in negative ways.
Some of our clients, quickly adapted to the situation to?maximize their?sales?.

Pivot as needed to serve your customers’ immediate needs

When New York allowed tennis facilities to reo?pen,?Hardscrabble Club?modified its facility?t?o accommodate New York’s rules for safety, while also putting customers at ease about remaining healthy and safe.
Some of their changes included new rules about how to handle tennis balls, the removal of benches, eliminating the need to change court sides and implementing the basics of safe distancing and hygiene. Interest in their tennis courts and lessons surged, since tennis is considered a low-risk activity.

Use technology creatively

When the pandemic hit,?Mark Boyland’s?real estate business could not conduct house showings. Mark immediately pivoted and produced 3D virtual tour videos of his clients’ listings. These 3D tours allow the viewer to “walk-through” these homes and get a sense of their interiors. This minimized the impact of the pandemic and led to several sales during this critical time.

19 Dingee Rd, South Salem

7 Captain Theale, Bedford

Keep customers informed about how you are serving them

EcoSpect?is a basement waterproofing business and they were proactive in clarifying to their customers in a video?how they planned to continue operating. In addition, to provide added value, they offered home maintenance guidance using their network of partners. Their videos and social media promotions have exceeded 80,000 impressions and those have led to new business.


Think outside the house.

Life…the place to be?is an event venue that hosts sweet sixteen parties, corporate events and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. Imagine their concern when gatherings were shut down and social distancing recommendations were initiated.
The owner quickly changed their approach and now uses their large parking lot for twice-a-week events with food trucks, games and live music. These carefully planned events allow for the required social distancing and allow?Life…the place to be?to continue working…outside the box.

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