Solutions for Growth presents Ables & Case: a thriving new law practice looking to build their brand identity and online presence. We present this virtual case study as a tool for new and existing business owners to evaluate (or reevaluate) their marketing approach.

Bill Ables and Anita Case - the marketing journey continues!

Bill Ables was becoming impatient with his vertical mobility at Lee, Singh & Tennant. In his 12 years since law school, 9 of those years were spent working to make partner. With no promotion in sight, Bill turned to his network.


Anita Case is a brilliant mind and a tenacious worker. Starting as a paralegal, she finished her law degree while working full-time. Since then, Anita gathered 5 years of experience at two large New York City firms. With her experience as a paralegal, Anita feels her true experience is underappreciated among those that took more traditional routes.?

Bill and Anita met at a legal conference in 2017. They quickly gained respect for each others’ journeys and noted the similarities in their professional goals.
Their professional relationship evolved into a friendship and soon the Ables and Case families shared cookouts and birthday parties. Some time after the families were acquainted, Bill, Anita, and their spouses spent a spring afternoon in 2018 talking about their collective frustrations about the lack of control over their careers.
Shortly thereafter, Ables & Case signed its first client.
For the past two years , Bill Ables and Anita Case built a notable law practice in New York City. Through their networks and professional referrals, they grew organically without a large investment in marketing.
However, to keep on pace with their five-year plan, Bill and Anita started 2020 with a major goal in mind: to launch their brand, perfect their online presence, and build a marketing funnel that harnesses the power of the internet.
Getting out into the world of professional networking is important for any businessperson.
Especially important, is making your presence known early and often whether you’re starting a new business or growing a mature one.
Brand new to business ownership, Bill Ables and Anita Case find themselves without the necessary tools to show off their new brand while networking.
Business cards leave a lasting imprint on those you meet professionally, both literally and figuratively. It is the standard exchange of business cards at the end of introductory conversations that leaves a lasting impression. Bill and Anita need to find a crisp and clean look that reflects their brand.

This also applies to the vCard that is attached to emails. As well as anywhere one's contact information appears, such as in a LinkedIn profile - are all fields completed and are they consistent?

The plain, no-frills white business card has become so run-of-the-mill, it is impossible to have it stand out in a stack of similar cards. The new standard is double-sided business cards, often with an eye-catching and colorful graphic on one side and contact information on the other.
Bill and Anita opted for a full navy background, with edge-to-edge color that creates visual impact.
Different industries have different best practices for business card design. Often designs can get too busy or feature fonts and colors that don’t match your brand.
It’s a smart idea to get professional help in designing your business cards to match your brand. As you can see here, Ables & Case used a similar typeface and a clean front - making information easily readable.

In the coming weeks, we’ll learn more about brand standards and how to make sure your target audience sees your company as professional and well-managed.