It's easy to make mistakes that can trip up even the most well-intentioned marketing campaign. Take these 3 steps to evaluate your campaigns and optimize them for success.

1) Cleans your data

Nothing is quite as important as your list of contacts.?It is the foundation of your sales efforts, be it through lead generation or lead nurturing. Sadly, many businesses do not perform regular audits of their data. Most lists are rarely updated, or contain incomplete information.
When it comes time to run your next campaign, the difference between a successful campaign and wasted marketing dollars could be as simple as having clean, up-to-date data.

Solutions for Growth has tools that can clean and update your lists, to ensure you’re not wasting your time and investment.


2) Don't Overwhelm with Offers

It may seem obvious that the more offers you throw at a customer, the more likely they are to convert. One of these offers must hit the spot, right? Wrong.
The fact is,?most people are easily overwhelmed and turned off by too much information.?Your business is better served identifying unique targets and offering something specific (and likely to convert) to that demographic.
Solutions for Growth can help you craft the perfect call to action for your campaign to get the response you expect.

3) Don't Give Up

Some experts estimate the number of impressions required for your business to be remembered, to be as many as 16! That means that before your business is in a position to convert that lead, you must get your message in front of them 16 times.
Once your business is recognized, the marketing program changes from lead generation to lead nurturing.?Lead nurturing takes time?but, when done right, it ensures that your message is keeping your business top of mind, until the contact decides to buy.

Solutions for Growth creates effective lead nurturing programs to turn inquiring leads into paying customers.

If any of these items made you wonder about your marketing, and you’re looking for help to avoid mistakes, call us, we’ll make sure your marketing is done right.

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