Be Proactive

In most places, the marketplace is returning to a new normal pace.

Rather than binge watching and online shopping, customers will once again begin seeking out goods and services.

Getting back up to speed from a dead stop is unprecedented. Fortunately though, reminding customers why they do business with you should not prove counter-intuitive.

Proactive and Reactive

These are 3 simple recommendations to bring your business back to top-of-mind during the recovery.


In this particular instance, what most people miss most is normalcy.
What’s more abnormal than an empty email inbox? As consumers begin to prepare their ventures out into the real life marketplace, they will wonder if you’re open. Are you taking appointments??What is the best way to re-engage with your business?

A number of tools available in?Local Advantage, our digital marketing system, serve to provide your audience with updates just like these. Email newsletters and direct mail are just two examples of highly effective strategies to drive re-engagement.


Each of your customers, vendors, employees and contractors is dealing with a unique and difficult circumstance.?Your tone and messaging should reflect that we are all in this together.?Be very careful not to be sell-centric in your communications during the recovery period. Be kind, supportive and act as a guide.


Yet another summit to scale for businesses is the lack of any forecasting of what comes next.
How will the marketplace react?
We don’t have examples or relatable events to compare this economic recovery to. As a result, businesses must be ready to adapt to the new normal.

One thing we do know is that business will be done increasingly more online.

Every business must be prepared to be ahead of the curve or risk seeing their sales, and thus their revenue, go flat.

The truth is that no one can predict when or how customers will reactivate the economy to its former glory. What can be predicted, however, is that some businesses will thrive but many more will fall short by being reactive and not proactive. Those that thrive, will have a strong digital presence, great client communication, and adaptability.

Behind the Scenes: Solutions for Growth ?Team Member Highlight - Corey Hardy

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we're featuring the key people who contribute to our success.
Corey is the Creative Projects Manager for Solutions for Growth. He has been with us for over 2 years and prior to joining Solutions for Growth, Corey operated a graphic design firm in New Orleans.
Corey Hardy Project Manager of Solutions for Growth marketing agency in Westchester NY and Cary NC

After finishing his MBA in 2013, Corey spent the following years focusing on the creative side of his skill set. His passions for all different types of creative endeavors provides Solutions for Growth with a versatile and skilled graphic artist, web developer, and creative lead.

Corey recently shard that “I truly believe in working toward your passions and building a career that keeps you challenged - and I’ll take a crisp morning bike ride over a late-night party 10 times out of 10.” On weekdays, he keeps his mornings regimented with exercise and meditation before the workday, usually before sunrise, so he’s not shy of those 8 am video calls.

For his off days, you may find Corey somewhere sunny with Miles (his 3-year old pup) and his trusty camera, or playing basketball at the gym. In the evenings, you can typically smell the cast-iron pot sautéing onions, bell pepper, and garlic (Cajun cooking is a rite of passage to young men from South Louisiana) or you may find him with a pencil and a sketchbook doodling with some Netflix True Crime on in the background.

Among Corey’s life goals are having his photography featured in an art gallery and to direct music videos for independent music labels.

Solutions for Growth is grateful for Corey's thirst for knowledge and wide variety of technical and creative skills that provide clients with an experienced marketer for their projects.

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