During the Covid-19 stay at home order, our offices, both home and away, can become restrictive to creativity and new ideas. We’ve mixed spreadsheets and laundry loads with conference calls and nap time for long enough now that it has become a little too normal.?Innovation always moves forward though, whether you’re ready or not.


Over 4.7 million Americans work remotely full-time, a statistic reported before the onset of the COVID pandemic. That’s 3.4% of the workforce and rapidly growing. It begs the question: how do remote workers blend it all together and still have time to innovate, create, and strategize?

We’ve put together a list of things we do, as a team, to energize ourselves during the work day

  • Sunshine & Brisk Walks - Often our minds work better when we aren’t really trying. Think of the cliché, “I’ll remember it when I’m not thinking about it." This is actually scientifically-proven. Our subconscious minds work at a much faster and effective rate. Taking a walk outside can serve multiple positive functions. It allows physical movement to occupy your conscious mind, letting creativity flow, and it promotes energy and focus by putting your body in a more active state.
  • Habit Stacking - By stacking the things we need to do for work with other things that come naturally as a part of our day, it becomes easier to stay on task and spend less time wondering what to do next. For example, if you have a report due today and emails to send, say “I will finish my report then I will immediately start the laundry." By stacking your habits together and giving them cues, you can make sure everything stays on task.
  • Listen to a creative podcast or music that inspires you - The volume of podcast content in the world today is truly mind-blowing. From inspirational speeches to real stories of success in your field, there is a podcast for everyone. Some of you find snippets of creative inspiration when listening to Mozart, or maybe Madonna. Spend a portion of your day “getting in the zone” just as you would for a good workout or competition.
  • Learn - The biggest pitfall of working from home is never feeling like you’re doing enough to justify working from home. When we find ourselves with little to do, panic sets in. However, especially these days, working and improving yourself to benefit your company go hand-in-hand. You can take time to read articles or books that improve your abilities to function in your role. Many people are teaching themselves new talents, like drawing, baking, photography, and many other creative avenues that not only provide more versatile assets for your company, but improve your company's marketing.

The key to productivity is maintaining a healthy balance between work and life, but the lines have been blurred tremendously this year.

It’s imperative to remember we are all in the same storm. Taking care of your mental health by practicing some of these strategies will make the quarantine more tolerable and your transition back to normalcy more fluid.


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