These times call for being resourceful
and thinking differently

We understand the difficult situation business owners are facing amidst mandatory stay-at-home orders for most. Our thoughts and utmost support are with you as we navigate the upcoming weeks.

As we regain our bearings, businesses are starting to understand the weight of the task at hand.

Many companies have long leaned on word of mouth and referral marketing as a key driver of revenue. Now, with no social gatherings and limited public access, small businesses must figure out a way to replace these opportunities.

It is imperative to become more resourceful and think differently. Those that take this approach will end up being in a better position than those who keep the status quo.

How will prospects reach you ?if they cannot walk into your store or your office?

A successful digital strategy uses multiple marketing tools to deliver your message to make quick, meaningful impressions on the market.

These are three "marketing workhorses" that consistently deliver new sales to businesses:

  • GoogleAds - Be found by prospects seeking your product or service by appearing at the top of Google's listings
  • Social Media Ads - Be found by potential customers that fit your target market
  • Email Marketing - Stay top-of-mind with your audience and present your expertise, products or services

Employing successful digital marketing strategies is important for the long term health of any business. The recent collapse of typical revenue streams shows just how important it is for your business to have a strong online presence.

Solutions for Growth builds integrated marketing programs for businesses to not only survive in the digital realm but to thrive in it.

Don’t wait until things are “normal” to take action because it takes time to implement marketing programs.

Your goal is to try to stay the course during this pandemic as much as possible, and be ready for the pent-up demand once it’s over. If you are not ready then, your competition will take that business.


Now is an ideal time to transition some of your sales and customer relations to online tools like video conferencing, online scheduling, and even live chat.

Familiarize yourself with brands such as Doxy, vCita and LiveChat, those are some of the tools our clients use to drive their business.

These cost-effective alternatives are not only options to what is not possible today, like in-person meetings, but they also provide options to an increasingly digitally reliant market.?As time passes, the typical customer for your business becomes more tech-savvy and less inclined to visit in person.

Your customer is more likely to look up your website before contacting you.?Your website is, for all intents and purposes, your business’ new office or storefront.?When a customer walks into your digital storefront, do they receive the help they need?


Though we are all dealing with a new normal, this new normal will act as a catalyst for even greater dependence on digital business.

Don’t crawl under a blanket. Take action now to take advantage of growth in the future.

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