For many businesses, prospect follow-up is treated as a?daunting chore. It is something that must be done in order to generate new business. Quite the contrary is true. With just a little bit of effort with your?Email marketing agency, you can take much of the work out of the task so that it’s automatic each and every month.

To that end, there are several things that are essential for effective?prospect follow-up. Each of these elements make the task of prospect follow-up simple and easy to achieve.

Highlight Your Expertise

Talk of your successes and the things you have learned over the years. Present the information so that it positions you as an expert in the field. By showing your clients how you are using your talents to improve your client’s operations, they will become interested in learning more about the ways you can help their operations. You don’t want to brag,?but rather frame the information in such a way that it shows that you are adaptable and capable of meeting your clients needs as the business environment evolves and changes.

Educate Your Clients

Knowledge is power, and when you show your clients that you have the knowledge, they will be eager to listen to what you have to say. Prospect follow-up gives you an opportunity to show off your talents to your prospective clients. It allows you to give them tidbits of valuable information they can use to improve their operations. When coupled with information about the ways you can do the things you are teaching them, they will be eager to let you do the legwork to make it happen.

Use Autoresponders ?

An effective form of drip marketing, these pre-written messages allow you to keep your company name in front of your clients. Once you add the contact to your email list, you can continue to maintain this drip until a pool of interest forms in their mind. As their interest grows, they will begin to clearly see the ways your products and services can benefit their operations and objectives. The key to boosting the effectiveness of an autoresponder is effective scheduling. The fresher the contact, the more frequent the scheduling should be, gradually becoming longer as time progresses.

Consistency is Key

Different is good if you are one of Forrest Gump’s famous boxes of chocolate. When it comes to?Email marketing,?the opposite is true. You want your clients to know what they can expect in each and every email your?Email marketing agency?sends them. Keeping the format, the language, and the tone the same may seem boring, but the truth is that it builds predictability and trust. It is a subtle way of reflecting what your clients can expect with the products and services you are marketing to them.

Tailor to Your Audience

There are three types of clients that are going to be receiving your emails. The first are prospective clients who have responded to your marketing and are eager for more information. The second are your target clients that you have sought out. And, the third, are your existing clients. Sending a message that resonates with each of these distinct groups is crucial for successful follow-up.

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