A Bigger Email List Is Better Right?

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Not always.cea5b99b-8a22-4b88-afbb-f68a6c90b09d

If you are among the companies or non-profits that regularly uses email messages to reach out to your market, you are always trying to grow your email list. More email addresses allows you to reach
more customers, donors, prospects and referrers.

If you’re considering renting or purchasing a list of email addresses to expand your list, don’t!

The temptation to expand your email list is strong and it’s relatively easy to purchase or rent different types of lists that include hundreds or even millions of names. However, you are stepping into the world of spammers. When you send an email to someone who does not know who you are, has not provided their email address to you and probably is not interested in your product or service, they consider you a spammer. Sam is in the eyes of the receiver, not the sender.
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In addition, when you use an email service provider such as Constant Contact, their terms specifically state that you will not use purchased or rented lists in your account. And yes, that includes “free” lists such as the email addresses from the chamber of commerce or the association you’re a member of.

Success in email marketing is driven by providing information of value to people with whom you have a relationship with. It can be a tenuous one, but they recognize your name or your organization’s name so that when they see you in their inbox, they will likely open your email.bcc4755e-c80a-42ea-9a25-e79290b5a5f8

The email industry works hard to prevent spam; that means that carriers (Cablevision, Time Warner, etc.), clients (AOL, Gmail, Yahoo,?etc.) and email service providers (Constant Contact, AWeber, etc.) work together to identify lists that are not grown organically. Their algorithms immediately recognize if a list is purchased or rented and will suspend your account for review. If the review reflects such a list, there is the risk that your account will be closed.

So yes, a bigger list is a good thing, but only when it’s grown organically, one email address at a time. There are many tools available to help you grow your list so that people receiving your emails open and engage with them. For example, for this client we installed a 10% off coupon on her website for new email subscribers.

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After signing up, new subscribers receive an automatic welcome email with the coupon, along with a follow-up reminder message.?By Paige founder, Paige?Andrews, explains: “We definitely noticed people using the coupon.?We’re not just adding new?sign-ups, it’s also helping to drive sales.”

This button can be used for any type of business (B-to-C and B-to-B) and can include discounts, white papers, FAQs or special information. When you give something of value to a prospect, they will give you something you value: their email address.

If you are looking to grow your email list (and you should) and would like help on growing it the right way, call or emailwe’ll be happy to help!

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