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You have a website. It’s fine. It does an adequate job of giving your customers and prospects information.

But does it really do you justice?

You are considering doing an overhaul, but be careful! It’s very easy to make mistakes on this primary marketing tool of yours.

Check out these 5 too-common mistakes

1 – Making it too edgy

Just because another business has a great looking website, does not mean you should copy it. Industries have different requirements?2625d47c-4beb-4c99-ba82-aeb47ee3ae0dand ensuring that the features in your website are suitable for your type of business is crucial. Do you need a map for directions? Can visitors easily interact on your Facebook page from your website? Do you need a blog?

There are a myriad of choices in terms of layout, color and navigation. Don’t get caught up into an edgy, too-cool look at the expense of clarity and ease-of-navigation. Think about your visitors’ expectations…what kind of website are they expecting to see from your company?

2 – Not making it responsive

373aa68b-6881-48d6-ad24-d7d403bcc292Over 50% of websites are viewed on a mobile device. If your website is not responsive (mobile-friendly) for tablets and smartphones, you might as well kiss mobile visitors goodbye. And don’t get caught in the trap of “…you need a separate mobile-friendly website…” Any current website should be responsive and adapt automatically to the device it’s displayed on, without the need for a separate mobile site.

3 – Not answering questions

I’m interested in your business, how do I reach you? W5a81316b-7075-42a9-b72c-889a5b942f34ho should I?ask for? What are your hours? How do I get there? What’s your phone number? How do I purchase your product or service? How do I set up a meeting?

Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes and ensure that these basic questions are easily answered on your website. When an answer to such questions is not there or hard to find, a visitor will leave and go to the next website…your competitor’s.

4 – No differentiation

Can a visitor understand right away (in less than 10 seconds) what your business offers and what makes you special? If the answer is ‘no,’ go back to the drawing board.8a153939-5d49-4e4a-8f5c-cf36f059d9db

Online visitors have the attention span of a gnat and you must?provide succinct and specific details that informs them of what you do, how you do it and what the benefit is of working with you. Don’t present your business as a commodity, otherwise you will be ignored and will not compete effectively.

5 – Creating an online brochure

The vast majority of small business websites are online brochures showcasing what the company offers. It’s crucial to turn your website into a lead acquisition tool by offering something of value, such as a coupon, white paper, free review or consultation in return for an email address.?183b6c46-6762-4582-a27f-7c8d16b74066Once you collect an email address you can then communicate with that person (who is a qualified prospect) through a series of emails.

Another option is to make it very easy for visitors when on the website, to schedule a meeting with you for a consultation, presentation or anything else they may be interested in.

There are marketing automation tools that help move your website from a passive platform to an engaging one to identify prospects and grow your email list – a valuable asset for your company that allows you to reach qualified prospects.

If any of the points above triggered a thought related to YOUR website, schedule a call with us to explore how best to maximize YOUR website.

How can we help you create a website without mistakes??